Resins & binders, organic & special effect pigments, pH stabilisers, matting agents and additives for the control of all important film properties. Coatings Learn More Resins, hardeners and additives for industrial adhesives. Our products are designed to optimise pH, viscosity, reactivity, mechanical and chemical properties. Adhesives Learn More Innovative range of raw materials and additives for the production of sealants of all types including silicones, caulks and stone and concrete sealing products. Sealants Learn More Organic pigments, plasticisers and additives used in the manufacture of a range of elastomeric materials. Elastomers Learn More Range of pigments, fillers, monomers, polymers and specialty additives used in coatings of polymers, composites, and plastics. Polymers Learn More Additives for the control of microbial infection, pH, corrosion, lubricity and foaming in a wide range of industrial lubricants. Lubricants Learn More

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Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers, Polymers and Lubricants market.

Banner Chemicals Group is a leading distributor and service provider who has been operating in the chemical industry since 1860. With a heritage of world class customer service and innovative raw materials and products, Banner Chemicals is the top choice for supplying your chemical needs.

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