Pigmentan is an innovative company which develops, manufactures and markets a novel and unique family of anti-corrosive pigments based on magnesium technology. This technology offers superior anti-corrosion protection, cost saving and significant environmental benefits when compared to many of the alternative technologies in use today. The products are environmentally friendly and do not contain heavy metals or other harmful ingredients, and therefore do not require any hazard labelling.

Pigmentan products provide efficient and cost effective metal protection for Anti-Corrosive primers and paints used in a wide range of applications including: Do-It-Yourself, Industrial and Maintenance, Home appliances, Coil Coatings, Wash Primers, Etch primers, Automotive, Aerospace and Marine, on both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. Pigmentan products are compatible with Solvent based, Water based and powder coatings applications in a large variety of resins and binders including Alkyd, Epoxy, PU, PVB, Acrylic, Polyester.

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