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For SIR INDUSTRIALE, resins are a real passion. An Italian family-owned company that has serviced the chemical industry with resins for more than 60 years, SIR are one of the pioneers of the Italian resin industry, proud of their own technology and knowledge acquired through the years. With a customer-oriented mentality and products customisable to a manufactuers specific needs, SIR’s aim is to find the best solution through cooperation and passion for continuous improvement.

Main products are different types of resins: EPOSIR®/EPONAC® (epoxy resins), SIRALES® (saturated polyester resins for powder coatings), SIRESTER® (unsaturated polyester resins and vinylesters), PROSID® (hardeners for powder coatings), SIRION® (additives, hardeners and specialties), SIPRESS® /SIRTAN® (styrene-maleic anhydride waterborne copolymers).

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