Orisil manufacture amorphous fumed silica produced by vapor phase hydrolysis of silicon tetrachloride in a flame of hydrogen and oxygen, resulting in pure x-ray amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2). Silica particle morphology can be modified by variations in flame conditions.

The different grades of Orisil are defined by the B.E.T. Surface Area and consist of the fine, bluish white powdered products Orisil 200, Orisil 300, Orisil 380- hydrophilic, Orisil M130, Orisil M200, Orisil M300-hydrophobic. Orisil can be used to modify the system thixotropy and regulate viscosity. In powder coatings, to promote free-flow, prevent caking and modify electrostatic effects. Fumed silica is used to control gloss in some coatings applications, such as urethane satin finishes. Orisil grades can also be used as reinforcing filler in sealants and adhesives, or to help control flow, prevent smudging by increasing rate of gelling, and improve image definition in printing inks. There are many applications in plastic and rubber compounds too, for enhanicng mechanical properties.

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